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Dutchwood bunk bed beach house

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Hersteller: Dutchwood

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Ui - now this is something different.

The furniture from Dutchwood from the Netherlands is really something special. Not only do they play with the natural look of wood, but they can also be used outside. 

They are made of solid spruce scaffold boards and are accordingly stable and resistant. This also makes them very versatile. They are suitable for the children's room as well as for the garden as play furniture.

The design is natural, robust, and very clear. The used lacquer supports the "used look", which gives the furniture a beautiful vintage look. The surfaces are sanded, but not always even and smooth. Nevertheless, one can sometimes see saw and sanding marks. These intentional style elements support the unique appearance.

In an appropriately themed room, they make an excellent impression. But even as a single piece, the children's furniture is a great sight.

And so is this bunk bed, a real beauty. It is excellent as a twin bed, but also as a play bed. Because the upper part is designed as a beach house. The house looks closed and cozy, but at the same time, it is transparent enough. The ladder is at the head end and therefore does not protrude into the room. The gables are designed to be particularly homey and are accentuated in white. The base is also white, and this adds a particularly maritime atmosphere. The cute awning adds to this atmosphere as well.

The upper bed is provided with a border that offers additional protection against falling out. It is also noteworthy that the upper bed is relatively low. The sleeping area is therefore also suitable for smaller children, and it is easily accessible. In addition, the lower openings are equipped with drawers. 

The bunk bed exudes a nostalgic charm and is also a great play furniture in the garden.
Note on Processing
The furniture is exclusively made from solid and used planks. Knots (even open), cracks, and uneven surfaces are part of the appearance and design idea. Visible screws are also intentional to reinforce the design idea and not a quality defect.

Note on Assembly
Appropriate screws are included, but all parts must be pre-drilled correctly by you to ensure they can be securely screwed together. It would be ideal if you are handy, or alternatively, know someone who is and can help you. In general, 2 people are advantageous when assembling.

- Mattress size: 90 x 200 cm
- Outer dimensions: approx. 110 x 220 cm
- Complete height of the front: 220 cm
- Upper bed height: 130 cm
- Upper edge fall protection: 150 cm
- Solid scaffolding planks
- Spruce
- 3 cm thick
- Painted
- Water-based paint
- Includes shutters
- Includes ladder
- Includes 2 slatted frames
- Includes awning
- Without mattresses

Ordering and Delivery Information

The bed will be ordered for you from Dutchwood in the Netherlands. The current delivery time is indicated above next to the photos.

The delivery of the furniture will be done by a shipping company to your address. They will contact you in advance to arrange a delivery date. For this, we need your phone number. You can provide it while placing your order as part of your address information (not mandatory). If necessary, we may ask for it again shortly before the delivery.
The assembly of the furniture will be done by you. 

Please note that standard delivery by the shipping company is only up to the curbside. If you require delivery into the house or room, please contact us beforehand so that we can provide you with a flat-rate offer. The same goes for potential assembly services.

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