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Oeuf Kids Furniture

Oeuf Kids furniture

Oeuf Kids furniture are special. We had  never seen anything like it before (almost). "Almost" because I have come across them before in American trade magazines. They embody what is generally associated with design "from across the pond".

And so they originally come from New York, before they became available for the European market. The design language is accordingly clear and characteristic. They convey a kind of urban design and are very warm at the same time, because they skilfully use various natural woods.

In addition, there is the choice of materials. Both factors together complement each other and result in a design style that is unparalleled and makes up the charm of this collection. Oeuf furniture is simply unmistakable.

In addition, the design of kids furniture does not always meet expectations and standards. At first glance, the interpretation of the shelves takes a little getting used to. At second glance, however, it is a fabulous piece of furniture that catches the eye.

The focus of the furniture range is on children's beds. There are loft beds, bunk beds and single beds, all of which use the same design features. The colour choice of the wood also supports the urban style of this kids furniture, which is somewhat reminiscent of the sixties.

By the way, there is also beautiful baby furniture from Oeuf. So if you value individuality and quality in design and workmanship, this is the furniture for you.

Oeuf furniture is available in different versions and design lines. The kids furniture collection includes all the individual pieces of furniture you need to furnish an individual child's room.  In addition to the old favourites, such as the cot, loft bed and wardrobe, there are also extremely attractive and individual shelves.