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Welcome to our large kids furniture online department

Here we present you a tasteful selection of exclusive and beautiful kids furniture. In addition to the classic sorting by kids furniture, we also offer you different furniture styles or the classification by brands.
It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a new children's bed, children's desks or shelves for your children's room: You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here. By the way - You can find our baby furniture under "baby equipment". 

Furnishing the children's room with Kids furnituren

Our children's furniture is the defining element in furnishing children's rooms. And we don't just mean cots.

Long gone are the days when they were purely functional objects. Design and creation of furniture for the little ones are now in no way inferior to those of the big ones.
And so use, safety and the ability to grow with them have long since ceased to be the sole decision-making criteria when buying furniture. Style and design are also becoming increasingly important. 
And so it is not surprising that the construction, colour design and use of the most varied materials are becoming more diverse and appealing.
The world of kids furniture is becoming more and more "colourful" and versatile. And here we present the - in our opinion - most beautiful ones.

"My granddaughter is really happy with her new nursery, what grandpa gave her. I am a little older and can still remember how our children's rooms were furnished. They were only functional and moderately beautiful. Thank goodness those days are over. I'm thrilled at the value kids furniture now has and how large the selection of beautiful and high-quality furniture is now. "

Kids furniture Design

There is now furniture to suit every taste and interior style.Whether you like the country house style or prefer modern and straightforward furnishings and Design Kids furniture - all brands have adapted to this and offer corresponding product lines.

And why should something be different for the children than for us? There are tastes and preferences there too. A child's room and its furnishings may also be beautifully designed and have an appealing aura.
And it is not always the large shapes and functions - as is the case with adventure beds, for example - that form the character of a piece of furniture. Often it is the small, inconspicuous details that make it a beauty.

With the visible characteristics, the choice of colour is of course the first priority. Do I prefer natural and wooden tones? Or would I prefer coloured or white surfaces?  The furnishing with other textiles, the children's bed linen or the wall design also depends on this. Speaking of wall design - Wall shelves are also a proven means of decorating.

"Today I have 2 tips for you.
1. Almost all brands also offer furniture for babies in their collections. So if you have fallen in love with a design, style or brand here, but are looking for baby furniture, there is no reason to despair. Even if we don't have it in the internet shop, we can order it all for you. "2. Should you be interested in a complete nursery, then let us make you an individual offer." 

Safety in Kids furnituren

Safety is of course also a dec