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Oliver Furnure Wood

Oliver Furniture Wood Kids furniture

Here we present very special Kids furniture. It is the Wood collection by Oliver Furniture.

Oliver Furniture is known and loved for its purist and Nordic design. Despite these attributes, the furniture of the Danish manufacturer appears extremely warm and homely. Yes - they even play with the stylistic devices of the country house style, which conjures up such beautiful associations in all of us.

Oliver Furniture manages like no other brand to unite the seemingly contradictory characteristics so wonderfully at first glance. And that is also the case with this Wood collection.

Extraordinary kids furniture design

Here, natural accents are set. This is done by using Nordic oak, which contrasts beautifully with the white furniture. It's all about accents that are pointedly set and thus embrace the feel of the entire piece of furniture.

The furniture design appears extremely innovative. The aesthetic appeal is palpable. Also because soft curves are deliberately used as a design element.

The apparent contrast between naturalness and clear, purist design is skilfully implemented in the furniture of the Wood collection. The interplay of glossy surfaces and the natural mattness of solid wood gives the furniture a special radiance.

Sustainable production

As with the other collections, the Danish manufacturer only uses materials from sustainable production. Production, design and materials come 100% from Europe and can therefore be controlled even better and more sustainably.

The collection currently includes baby beds, junior beds and single beds. The bed series is completed by half-height beds and classic loft beds for children.

For the latter, there are textile accessories such as cushions and curtains. These are perfectly tailored to the furniture in terms of design and size and are a magical addition. 

By the way: as an alternative to the combined version of white and oak, all models can also be ordered in completely white.