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140 x 200 cots

Here we show you our children's beds in the size 140 x 200 cm. At first glance, this size is not necessarily associated with children's beds. However, this size does make sense if two (sibling) children are to sleep in one bed. This could be in a holiday home or when visiting friends. Of course, this bed size can also be very nice for one child. It is comfortable to sleep in. And if the room situation allows for this size, there is nothing to prevent it.

Cot 140 x 200

The classic and normal measurement for cots is usually 90 x 200 cm. This is of course the mattress size. The outer dimension varies, of course, depending on the type and shape of the cot.
Nevertheless, the larger dimension can make perfect sense. Accordingly, it is often sought after. Because, when it comes to smaller children, the size offers quite comfortable space for two and can be used very nicely as a double bed. 

In the long run, if the living situation allows it. But also temporarily, for example, when overnight visitors are announced. The toddler bed 140 x 200 cm can also be a good option in a holiday flat.

What should be considered with a toddler bed 140 x 200 cm?
With the size, the available accessories also change, of course. In the textile sector, these are mainly the bed sheets or the mattress. The corresponding size must of course be adjusted. By the way, here you will find the bed sheets for the toddler bed and here our children's mattresses.

For the latter you have the choice of two options. You can take 2 mattresses with a width of 70 cm. This is particularly suitable if two children sleep in the bed permanently. Then the movements are not so easily transmitted during sleep and are correspondingly less disturbing. The same applies to the slatted frames.

If it is not used as a double bed, then a matching mattress with slatted frame is also recommended.

If there are bed drawers, nothing changes because the width of the bed is always the same. In this respect, bed drawers can also be used for the standard bed sizes. The only difference is that the drawer depth does not correspond to that of the cot.