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Romina Imperio bed head ends padded

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If you are looking for the highest quality and beautiful design, then the furniture from Romina is a very good option. The label specializes in producing high-quality children's furniture and offers a variety of collections, including the design line "Imperio".

Imperio is characterized by an impressive presence and a clear design language. The bases of the furniture are very pronounced and form the foundation. As a result, the furniture looks compact and closed. Even the legs of the beds are enlarged and emphasized. 

The surfaces of the furniture are clearly structured and, due to the construction, radiate a beautiful depth. 

The top panels have a beautiful profile and the sides and posts are also provided with a beautiful profile. 
The furniture series "Imperio" from Romina is very impressive and elaborately designed in detail. In its entirety, the children's furniture looks very harmonious, noble, and intense.

And so, this children's bed is a typical representative of this collection. The imposing headboard forms a magical unity with the profiles, the concluding ledge, and the straight legs. The frame-filling construction on the surfaces makes the children's bed look elaborate and elegant. The curved upper edge is also very beautiful. The bed is consistent in itself and a true beauty.
This furniture design is very popular in Anglo-American countries and Great Britain. Now it is finally available to us as well.

The bed is available in different colors and finishes. This allows for wonderful accents in the design of a child's room. Your favorite design is sure to be included. The design and construction are so sophisticated and careful that the bed can be placed independently of the room. Against a wall, in a room corner, or even freely in the room: this children's bed unfolds its beauty everywhere. The highlight, however, is the upholstered headboard of the bed. Quilted buttons make the fabric even more luxurious and classic. Of course, the fabric is available in different colors and textures. Here, you have the choice between a soft velvet or a linen fabric. The furniture design is very popular in Anglo-American countries and Great Britain. Now it is finally available to us. However, the impressive exterior is not the only outstanding feature. The absolutely perfect processing, the selection of the best raw materials, and sustainable and environmentally conscious production complete this gem. Matching pieces can be found below this product description. As well as the other pieces in the collection. Construction and quality: Only European certified solid wood is used. No plate materials or plastics. All fittings and drawer guides are equipped with damping mechanisms and correspond to "soft close". They can be adjusted and adjusted exactly and perfectly. They are also tested for approx. 80,000 usage cycles. This corresponds to a duration of approximately 73 years. Drawers can be completely pulled out. Special devices prevent tipping. No visible screws are used. Drawers and other furniture parts are held with classic wooden constructions. For example, the so-called dovetails on the drawers.Environmental Protection & Sustainability
All children's furniture and baby furniture from Romina are made of European solid wood. Depending on the model, it is either oak or beech wood. The wood used is not dried through a chemical process.

Only pollutant-tested paints and varnishes are used for the surface. All fabrics exceed the requirements of the "Consumer Safety Commission".

All adhesives and glues used are strictly pollutant-tested. They do not contain any VOCs and, of course, no formaldehyde.

All furniture is GREENGUARD GOLD certified, which means that no toxic emissions are present. This is particularly important for furniture in indoor environments where children and toddlers are present.

Note on colors:
The furniture is available in different colors and techniques. This means that some surfaces play with "imperfection". Apparently sanded surfaces or edges are intentional and create the "Shabby Chic" or country style. This is not a reason for complaint. Alternatively, there are also classically painted surfaces that are even.

Depending on your monitor settings, the respective color may differ from the original. We can provide samples for a deposit. Please contact us. Further down, we will go into more detail about the surfaces.


- made in Europe

- 100% solid beech wood

- surface coating is water-based paint or oil

- multiple surfaces/ colors to choose from

- Includes slatted frame

- Includes padding

- several fabrics to choose from

- Dimensions: 155 x 205.5 cm & 155 x 215.5 cm

- Height: headboard: 123 cm

- Mattress sizes: 140 x 190 cm & 140 x 200 cm

- Mattress not included.Environment & Protection of Your Child
- pollutant-tested water-based paints

- pollutant-tested adhesives

- free from formaldehyde

- free from VOC emissions


Ordering and Delivery Information

The furniture will be ordered for you. The delivery time is stated above. As soon as the furniture is on its way to you, we will notify you. It will be delivered to you by a shipping company. They will contact you by telephone at an early stage to arrange a delivery date with you. With your consent, we will provide the shipping company with your telephone number. So you don't have to worry about anything.

Please note that standard delivery only goes up to the curb. If this is not sufficient for you, please contact us before delivery. We can then organize delivery to your house or the corresponding rooms for an additional fee. Of course, we will inform you of the additional cost in advance.

You will need to assemble and build the furniture yourself. Detailed assembly instructions are included.

Color Scheme
You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes with Romina furniture. All colors are tested for harmful substances and do not contain lead, phthalates, metals, VOCs, or other chemicals that could be harmful to your child. All colors are applied through a special multi-stage process, ensuring the highest quality and durability. Expert furniture craftsmen carefully carry out finishing techniques and sanding surface correction until the right consistency and wood penetration is achieved. Water-based surface treatments then receive a final clear coat that seals the finished surface and ensures resistance and comfort. Oil-based finishes saturate the wood and provide a protective layer while maintaining the rustic and organic feel of the wood. The multi-stage layering process eliminates the use of solvents or other artificial hardeners in the equipment solution. Water-based clear coats have superior resistance to mechanical influences, friction and environmental influences. Natural oxidation, aging, or color fading are typically less significant and slower on water-based coatings and hardwoods. Stardust: Glitter effect water-based coating. The surface appears silvery, and the wood grain shines through. Dove/white: Water-based, opaque white with a slightly matte finish and a tiny hint of gray. Distressed Grey: Water-based, gray tone leaning toward taupe with light blue and green components. Matte and opaque.Silver Frost: Water-based. Structural coating. Silver shine. Emphasis on wood grain. Nero: Water-based. Black, opaque, matte.
Bianco Satinato: Water-based. Warm white. Opaque.
White Washed: Water-based. Wood grain shines through. Slight pinkish hue.
Rustico White: Water-based. Dark base. White layer on top. Rustic vintage look.
Driftwood: Structural coating. Wood appears on a large scale. Warm, soft appearance. Resembling driftwood.
Smokey Cloud: Structural coating. Wood grain shines through. Silvery, gray, washed.
Vintage Grey: Water-based. Neutral, timeless gray. Opaque.
Vintage Olive: Water-based. Neutral, timeless olive. Opaque. Hint of pistachio and sage.
Denim: Structural coating. Grain appears strongly. Gray-blue hue.
Espresso: Water-based. Dark brown. With slight anthracite and green elements. Uniform color. Grain appears.
Cappuccino: Warm brown-beige tone. Washed, rustic look with a slight gold shimmer.
Argento: Water-based. Silver.
Navy: Water-based. Opaque uni.
Solid White: Water-based. Opaque. Matte.
Storm: Bio oil. Muted blue-gray. Grain appears. Irregular.
Washed grey: Water-based. Medium gray with a slight blue hue. Grain appears.
Nocello: Medium brown. Resembles walnut. Warm color. Grain appears.
Bruno Antico: Water-based. Caramel-honey tone. Grain appears.
Alberto Puro: Natural beech. Treated with clear varnish. No tint. Grain appears.Amaretto: Brown with light orange and red tones. Reminiscent of cherrywood. Grain appears.Bruno Rosso: Rich brown. Light red tone. Even. Grain appears.
Oil Grey: Bio oil. Rustic appearance. Anthracite with slight blue tone. Grain appears. Irregular.

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