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Bopita Nordic

Bopita Nordic Kids furniture

The Nordic collection by Bopita is another milestone among the kids furniture concepts.

First of all, the design should be highlighted. The design of the Nordic Beds by Bopita Kids furniture is clear, simple and of a wonderful simplicity. The colour white, as well as the appearance of the bed borders, make the cots look very Nordic.

The grids, by the way, are the typical design feature that runs like a red thread through the collection. They are reminiscent of verandas and palisades. They are also above average in height. This also makes them even more eye-catching and sets deliberate accents within the furniture collection.

The second typical feature is the versatility and the modular principle behind Nordic. Because every bed in the series can be transformed into any other bed with the corresponding accessories.

You can put together your very own dream model from individual parts. And the best thing? You can change it at any time, add to it and thus adapt it to your changed living situation.

The principle is the same as with the Combiflex collection from Bopita. The only difference is that you will find a different design language here. And here, too, you can already choose from a selection of ready-configured furniture.