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Muba Bespoke train bed with ladder

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The right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the supply of goods that are not prefabricated and for the production of which an individual selection or determination by the consumer is decisive or which are clearly tailored to the personal needs of the consumer. Here we present you the original Train Bed from Muba Bespoke from Spain. It is a versatile bed for children available in many designs that can be perfectly adapted to your wishes. The principle is very simple. The elevated bed is supported by the base and the wall panel at the back of the bed. This gives you a freestanding bed. This looks pretty impressive and very individual on the one hand. On the other hand, it is also very useful. Because you can use the space under the bed in many ways. For example, for another bed or lower cabinets. Your child can comfortably reach the upper bed with the accompanying ladder. The children's beds from Muba Bespoke are among the most popular and best-selling beds in our store in Düsseldorf. And with good reason. In addition to the good workmanship, the system stands out for its variety of colors and great flexibility. With the different designs and accessories, you can easily put together your favorite bed in our configurator. Another advantage: There is a suitable bed for almost any living and spatial situation.The Spanish children's furniture manufacturer has developed a concept to perfectly equip children's rooms. This is made possible by a modular system and a diverse range of options. In addition, the variety of colors and designs of the individual pieces of furniture make the possibilities almost endless.
We are happy to assist you in the individual implementation of your plans. We work with the Muba planning software, which allows for precise adjustments of the furniture to local conditions and your wishes. Simple linear plans can be implemented just as easily as complex solutions with multiple integrated corners. If you are interested, please send us an email with your wishes.

Of course, this children's bed can also be configured into a completely personalized piece of furniture. The numerous options to make this Muba Bespoke bed your dream bed can be found in our configurator. The indicated price refers to the basic model with a mattress size of 90 x 200 cm.

few urgently required fields are marked as mandatory fields (**) - if you do not fill these out, the ordering process cannot be continued. All other fields are optional - you can also end the configuration at any time and add the bed you have chosen up to that point to the shopping cart.

There are numerous other children's beds in various designs from Muba Bespoke. We refer to some alternatives and suitable furniture further below. We show everything from Muba clearly sorted in the large Muba Bespoke brand shop.

- Made from sustainable forestry
- PEFC certified
- Surface: MDF EN 622-5: 2009
- Painted surfaces
  Water-based paint 
  EU Standard 71-3: 2013
- When selecting Oak veneer pancake
  Surface with acrylic matte lacquer
  Natural veneer - color and grain variations possible
- Cabinets and drawers in general:
  Melamine-coated MDF in linen (gray)
- Rails with Softclose
- Hinges Blumotion
- Mattress size 90 x 200 cm
  Also available in 190 cm on request
- External dimensions: 210 x 101 x 161 cm
-  Height of lying surface: 112 cm
- Selection of base: 2-door cabinet element or 1-door cabinet element with drawer element
- including fall protection for the upper bed
- including high-quality wooden slatted frame
- including ladder
- without mattress
- many colors possible
Important to know:
- Accessories such as mattresses and fall protection for the lower bed are not included in the price and can be ordered separately on request (see configurator)
- The distance between the bed frame and the mattress is slightly wider on each side than is usual for German manufacturers. In Spain, the additional space is used to traditionally fold in the duvet.
Order and Delivery Information

Muba Bespoke from Madrid offers one of the most comprehensive, versatile, and impressive furniture concepts. The possibilities for you are enormous. Therefore, it is a great challenge to present all the possibilities in an online store in a way that is equally understandable for everyone and meets all questions. That's why we want you to not worry about your order, whether you have really exploited all possibilities fully and correctly, and/or questions remain open. Because it's very important:
After your order, no anonymous production and order process is initiated. First, you will receive a confirmation from us, with which all questions can still be clarified. Changes that may arise from this are also not a problem.
Afterwards, we will forward your order to Muba. For extensive projects, Muba Bespoke creates computer sketches of your new children's room or furniture on request, which we can directly forward to you to visualize all details. Even now, any remaining questions can be clarified and changes can be made. Production at Muba only begins when there is a final confirmation from both sides. Until this point, we still have all possibilities for influence. We explain the procedure to you in such detail so that you know that your order is in the best hands with us despite the extensive topic.The bed will be ordered for you in Spain and delivered to us. After inspection, we will then send it to you by a freight forwarder. The bed will be delivered in individual parts and assembled by you. Please note that the standard delivery is only made to the curb. If you want delivery to your house/room and/or an assembly service, please contact us. We will then make you a fixed-price offer. The freight forwarder will contact you in advance to coordinate a delivery date with you. For this, we need your phone number. We will take care of everything else.

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