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Plan Toys hand drum wood

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Here we present to you a wonderful hand drum from Plan Toys, from Belgium.

It is entirely made of wood, making it less fragile than if it had a regular membrane.

Additionally, it has a more pleasant sound and is not too loud.

We were able to see for ourselves at the Kind + Jugend fair in Cologne.

We would not recommend this drum so highly otherwise...

It is great for exploring rhythms and beats.

By the way, drums have always been a classic Christmas gift
-but of course not just for the holidays.

We have many other products from Plan Toys in our selection.

We will provide links to some below.


-Dimensions: 21.

3 x 21.

3 x 9.

5 cm
-Recommended age by the manufacturer: 3 years and up
-Sustainable production according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
-Production using solar energy
-"PlanWood" specifically made by Plan Toys
-Sustainable production
-Minimization and reuse of production waste

-also conservation of natural resources
Order and Delivery Information
If the drum is not waiting for your order in our warehouse, it will be immediately ordered for you from Plan Toys in Belgium.

The delivery time is indicated above the product photo.

As soon as the package is on its way to you, you will receive corresponding information by email.

With the appropriate link, you can easily track when it will arrive at your place.


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